Welcome to Cats Protection Teesside 

If you need help towards the cost of having your cat neutered please ring 01642-589090.
If you are on a low wage, working part time or have any other difficulty give us a call.

1. Feature page  - Cats in desperate situation!

2.-SHOP - we are desperate for donations to keep our shop raising money; - if you have any unwanted clothes, books, bric-a-brac, videos, CD's, ornaments,  sports equipment, toys, unwanted gifts etc. please consider ringing us for a collection or even dropping it off at our shop in Stockton High Street shop open 9 till 5

 Arrangements can be made for goods to be collected. 01642-589090 / 01642-601789. If you are bringing a lot of stuff to the shop ; park in Boyes car park, ring the number 01642-601789 and the shop staff will come & collect/help carry it. The shop is on the High Street No. 128, near the new fountain.

We welcome all your donations but if there is a huge amount, please can you ring 1st so we can be on hand to help unload.

 We also have a Middlesbrough shop near Binns/Debenhams. Also open 9 to 5 7 days a week



Home page continued -                     The Branch opened late in 1978 

From September 20th 2012, if you need to send us anything by post, we are now using the Shop address as the PO want to charge us a huge amount for the continued use of our old POBox No! The new ad
dress to be used is; CP Teesside Branch,   Thanks!


Our small band of volunteers work within the boundaries of all of the "TS" postcodes.

Our shop opening;- 9-00am to 3-00pm/ Mon-Sat.  

We can still be contacted on 01642-589090 / 01642 - 601789 / teessidecp@hotmail.com

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